Symposium 02: Biodiversity and Conservation of tropical wetlands and freshwater systems.

Organized by P. Parolin, (University of Hamburg, Germany); L.V. Ferreira, (Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Belém, Brazil); and F. Wittmann (MPI Chemistry, Mainz, Germany).

Wetlands concentrate a large part of regional biodiversity and are exceptionally important landscape units in tropical regions. They are inhabited by flood tolerant species, but also by species which immigrate from the adjacent uplands. Flooding tolerance and adaptations of floodplain species are closely linked to the mosaic of environmental conditions as created by inundation dynamics. Knowledge about species composition, distribution, and diversity is extremely scarce. In the changing world, scanning of emerging threats and opportunities to biodiversity conservation becomes even more important. The present session aims at highlighting the status quo of organismic and functional diversity research, and at discussing the most important characteristics that allow for resilience and the environmental conditions which influence responses and adaptations of the organisms inhabiting wetlands. Anthropogenic impacts and climatic global changes should be highlighted, as well as status and methods for conservation.

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