Symposium 1. High biodiversity in key taxa along an altitudinal gradient in southeast Peru. (Confirmed) - (Program updated) 

Organized by Renzo Piana (ACCA).

Symposium 2. Biodiversity and Conservation of tropical wetlands and freshwater systems. (not confirmed)

Organized by Pia Parolin (University of Hamburg).

Symposium 3. Key Factors in the Conservation of aquatic environments in the Peruvian Tropical Andes. (Confirmed) - (Program updated) 

Organized by Eduardo Oyague, Adrian Vera (CORBIDI).

Symposium 4. Amazonian Fungi. (Confirmed) - (Program updated) 

Organized by Romina Gazis - Seregina (Clark University).

Symposium 5. Ornithological research in the west Peruvian Andes. (not confirmed)

Organized by Flor Hernández Camacho, Thomas Valqui (CORBIDI).

Symposium 6. Synergy between science, education, and conservation at the Cocha Cashu Biological Station. (Confirmed) - (Program updated) 

Organized by Roxana Arauco Aliaga, Jessica Groenendijk (San Diego Zoo Global).

Symposium 7. Connecting the dots: Environmental Disturbance and Human Health. (Confirmed) - (Program updated) 

Organized by Claudia Guezala (NAMRU-6).

Symposium 8. Using forest networks to monitor biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and support sustainable management in the Andes. (Confirmed) - (Program updated) 

Organized by Selene Baez (CONDESAN).

Symposium 9. Conservation, biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Western Amazon – Results of project BioCuencas. (Confirmed) - (Program updated) 

Organized by Ulla Helimo and Sandro De la Roca (CI).

Symposium 10. Investigaciones de la Iniciativa para la Conservación en la Amazonía Andina (ICAA). (Confirmed) - (Program updated) 

Organized by Cristian Vallejos and Natalia Sanín (CSF).

Symposium 11. Forest and wildlife inventories. Its importance for research and resource management. (Confirmed) (Program updated)

Organized by SERFOR.

Symposium 12. Corridors for sustainable management of forest resources and wildlife at the landscape level. (Confirmed) (Program updated)

Organized by SERFOR.

Symposium 13. Life Plans as tools for forest and wildlife management at the communal territory level. (Confirmed) (Program updated)

Organized by SERFOR.

Symposium 14. Contribution of science to the generation of public policies for sustainable forest development. (Confirmed) (Program updated)

Organized by SERFOR.